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Juvenile delinquency in the United States is increasing in incidence, and children are becoming involved in delinquent activity at a much younger age. Learning disabilities have been associated with juvenile delinquency. Learning disabled children are labeled by teachers and peers as different, which may alienate them from "normal society." If children(More)
All doctors have their own styles of interaction with patients and unique methods of practice. Yet how do these methods vary based on the types of cases and patient population the physician sees regularly? How does the familiar American patient-doctor interaction differ from that of a poor clinic in rural Peru? How do cultural and educational differences(More)
Twenty women were selected from public and private maternity services and interviewed by nurses and nurse-midwives on a research team. The women were shown videotapes of their second-stage labors that for 15 of them had been recorded by 2 other members of the research team. Four videos were provided by mothers who had had home births and one from a mother(More)
Twenty postpartal women were shown videotapes of their second stage labors and simultaneously interviewed. During separate interviews, their 25 caregivers were also shown the videotapes and interviewed. The interviews were analyzed for major themes, one of which was sharing information during labor. Although women and caregivers appeared to agree about what(More)
The organization of maternity services in Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands was studied under the sponsorship of the World Health Organization European Headquarters Office of Maternal and Child Health. Midwifery care is highly respected and is a central feature of obstetric care in each of these countries. In Denmark and Sweden, almost all births are in(More)