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Clinical applications of integrative therapies for prevention and treatment of migraine headaches.
Migraine headaches are common disorders that affect more than 20 million individuals in the United States.1 They occur in both men (20%) and women (30%) with a family-related genetic tendency.Expand
Milk thistle (Silybum marianum): an ancient botanical medicine for modern times.
Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) is also known as Mary Thistle and Lady's Thistle. The genus name, Silybum, is attributed to Dioscorides, the first-century Greek physician who gave the name to aExpand
African Mango (IGOB131): A Proprietary Seed Extract of Irvingia gabonensis is Found to Be Effective in Reducing Body Weight and Improving Metabolic Parameters in Overweight Humans
Metabolic syndrome is quickly becoming a global epidemic. According to the American Heart Association, 34% of American adults meet the criteria for metabolic syndrome, with a total population of moreExpand
Neurofeedback: an integrative treatment of substance use disorders.
Substance use disorders are exceedingly complicated as is the treatment. To increase positive outcomes, an understanding of all facets, bio/psycho/social/spiritual,economic, and interdisciplinaryExpand
Aromatic plants, spirituality, and sacred traditions.
Microbiota in Neuropsychiatry, Part 3: Psychobiotics as Modulators of Mood Disorders
The intestinal microbiota evolves There is a growing realization that the gut-brain axis plays a key role in maintaining brain health and the stress response.27 from birth, changing from an immatureExpand
Food for thought, part I: foodborne illness and factory farming.