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Several surveys have reported the negative psychological impact on the general public of the terrorist attacks in the USA of September 11th, 2001. Yet the attacks also led many people to make positive changes in their relationships, values and priorities. A survey of 80 adults in Ottawa, Canada demonstrated that greater perceived threat and greater initial(More)
A survey, with a locality emphasis, of the opinions of Fife general practitioners (GPs) on the quality and availability of a selection of services to which the GPs refer their patients was undertaken. Far more GPs rated services as 'poor' for availability than for quality. GPs acting as locality advisers were actively involved in the planning and execution(More)
Loyalty of customers to a supermarket can be measured in a variety of ways. If a customer tends to buy from certain categories of products, it is likely that the customer is loyal to the supermarket. Another indication of loyalty is based on the tendency of customers to visit the supermarket over a number of weeks. Regular visitors and spenders are more(More)
The nourishment of Mrs. B, who could no longer consume enough food value from three meals a day and blended supplements, posed an ethical dilemma. Family and caregivers struggled with the fact that, while honoring the resident's rights about what and how much she chose to eat, Mrs. B. would have continued to lose weight and experience further compromise of(More)
BACKGROUND With the recognition of the need for research capacity strengthening for advancing health and development, this research capacity article explores the use of technology enhanced learning in the delivery of a collaborative postgraduate blended Master's degree in Malawi. Two research questions are addressed: (i) Can technology enhanced learning be(More)
Students designed and built lights for global students who did not have access to reliable clean light and as a result, could not study after sunset. UNESCO estimates 1.5B people worldwide do not have access to clean light and that has major negative ramifications towards the Millennial Goals for Education. School could be used to educate not only the(More)
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