Stephanie M Lawry

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New antifungal drugs are urgently needed due to the currently limited selection, the emergence of drug resistance, and the toxicity of several commonly used drugs. To identify drug leads, we screened small molecules using a Saccharomyces cerevisiae reporter bioassay in which S. cerevisiae heterologously expresses Hik1, a group III hybrid histidine kinase(More)
Integral membrane protein complexes consisting of proteins and small molecules that act as cofactors have important functions in all organisms. To form functional complexes, cofactor biosynthesis must be coordinated with the production of corresponding apoproteins. To examine this coordination, we study bacteriorhodopsin (BR), a light-induced proton pump in(More)
Novel antifungal drugs and targets are urgently needed. Group III hybrid histidine kinases (HHKs) represent an appealing new therapeutic drug target because they are widely expressed in fungi but absent from humans. We investigated the mode of action of the widely utilized, effective fungicide fludioxonil. The drug acts in an HHK-dependent manner by(More)
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