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Gecko adhesion is expected to be temperature insensitive over the range of temperatures typically experienced by geckos. Previous work is limited and equivocal on whether this expectation holds. We tested the temperature dependence of adhesion in Tokay and Day geckos and found that clinging ability at 12 degrees C was nearly double the clinging ability at(More)
With the maturity of machine learning methods to provide satisfying Content-Based Image Retrieval systems (CBIR), research focus has recently turned back towards visual saliency analysis. The goal in these works is to extract even more efficient visual features than the existing ones. However, analyzing visual saliency is critically dependent on the task to(More)
This study examined the effect of overt head movement on attitudes toward a product. In a headphones test, participants were required to listen to music and to either nod or shake their heads. Some participants listened to a CD of music; other participants listened to a CD of the same music and a persuasive message about the headphones. Overt head movement(More)
A semiconductor wafer fab requires a significant amount of energy to maintain its daily operations. Solar photovoltaics (PV) is a clean and renewable technology that can be potentially used to power large wafer fabs. There exist some critical factors slowing the proliferation of facilities powered by PVs, including high capital costs and power output(More)
PURPOSE/OBJECTIVES The aim of this study is to analyze the results of exclusive interstitial brachytherapy (IBT) as a conservative approach in the treatment of penile cancer confined to the glans or the shaft with long-term follow-up in a single institution. MATERIALS/METHODS Between July 1992 and November 2013, 73 consecutive patients with non-metastatic(More)
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Retrieving specific categories of images among billions of images usually requires an annotation step. Unfortunately, keywords-based techniques suffer from the semantic gap existing between a semantic concept and its digital representation. Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) systems tackle this issue simply considering semantic proximities can be mapped(More)
Landslide generated tsunamis are some of the most destructive impulse waves because of their locally high amplitudes and runup. This project presents the author's participation in a three dimensional multipart study on landslide generated tsunamis, specifically on a conical island, and the fjord and curved headland configurations. For all the(More)
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