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In mature mammals, retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) are unable to regenerate their axons after optic nerve injury, and they soon undergo apoptotic cell death. However, a small puncture wound to the lens enhances RGC survival and enables these cells to regenerate their axons into the normally inhibitory environment of the optic nerve. Even when the optic nerve(More)
BACKGROUND Of the over 1 million reported cases of traumatic brain injuries reported annually in the USA, a sizeable proportion are characterized as mild. Although it is generally well-accepted that most people who suffer a mild traumatic brain injury recover within 1 to 3 months, a proportion of individuals continue to experience physiological,(More)
The Mydidae genus Namadytes Hesse, 1969 is reviewed. It is known from five species, primarily occurring in Namibia. The study of newly available material from both Namibia and South Africa deposited in several natural history collections results in the recognition of three species and new synonymy of two, i.e., Namadytespallidus Hesse, 1972 is a new junior(More)
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