Stephanie L Solcz

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The ability to navigate in a familiar environment depends on both an intact mental representation of allocentric spatial information and the integrity of systems supporting complementary egocentric representations. Although the hippocampus has been implicated in learning new allocentric spatial information, converging evidence suggests that the posterior(More)
Cognitive dysfunction is a feature of Parkinson's Disease (PD). Some cognitive functions are impaired by dopaminergic medications prescribed to address the movement symptoms that typify PD. Learning appears to be the cognitive function most frequently worsened by dopaminergic therapy. However, this result could reflect either impairments in learning (i.e.,(More)
Data from 30 cognitively intact and emotionally stable Canadian elders provided support for the construct validity of the Hopemont Capacity Assessment Instrument and the Independent Living Scales. Subscale scores in the health or financial domains on these two capacity-related instruments were moderately correlated; weaker correlations were observed between(More)
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