Stephanie L. Maatta Smith

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Red deer (Cervus elaphus) did not recolonise Ireland after the last glaciation, but the population in Co. Kerry is descended from an ancient (c. 5000 BP) introduction and merits conservation. During the mid-19th century exotic species including North American wapiti (C. canadensis) and Japanese sika deer (C. nippon nippon) were introduced to Ireland, mainly(More)
  • P E A N Z, A J Healey, J P Ark Z, S M Smith
  • 1997
This paper presents a heuristic fuzzy position estimation technique for autonomous underwater vehicle navigation. The heuristic estimator performs asynchronous data fusion of all sensor measurements based on their relative condence levels, and then nonlinearly combines the fused information with the INS estimates via fuzzy ltering techniques. In this paper,(More)
We studied a novel non-contact biomotion sensor, which has been developed for identifying sleep/wake patterns in adult humans. The biomotion sensor uses ultra low-power reflected radiofrequency waves to determine the movement of a subject during sleep. An automated classification algorithm has been developed to recognize sleep/wake states on a 30-s epoch(More)
Gorgonian corals possess many novel natural products that could potentially mediate coral-bacterial interactions. Since many bacteria use quorum sensing (QS) signals to facilitate colonization of host organisms, regulation of prokaryotic cell-to-cell communication may represent an important bacterial control mechanism. In the present study, we examined(More)
Jeffrey pine, Pinus jeffreyi Greville and Balfour, is a dominant yellow pine and important overstory component of forests growing on diverse sites from southwestern Oregon to Baja California to western Nevada. The Jeffrey pine beetle, Dendroctonus jeffreyi Hopkins (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae), is monophagous on Jeffrey pine and its primary insect(More)
The mammalian fossil record is largely composed of isolated teeth and tooth-bearing elements. In vertebrate microfossil assemblages with closely related, co-occurring species of mammals, it can be difficult to identify isolated teeth to species level because morphological differences among species may be slight and based on a single tooth position. Here we(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the role of oxygen radical-induced lipid peroxidative mechanisms in trophic deprivation-induced apoptotic motor neuronal degeneration by testing the ability of the 21-aminosteroid lipid peroxidation inhibitor tirilazad mesylate (U-74006F) to attenuate the retrograde degeneration of facial motor neurons following(More)
Recent reports suggest that oxygen radical-induced lipid peroxidation plays a role in the retrograde degeneration of motor neurons following facial nerve axotomy in the neonatal rat. The purpose of the present study was to explore this notion further by testing the neuroprotective properties of two novel brain-penetrating, lipid peroxidation inhibitors,(More)
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