Stephanie Kurzenhäuser

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How do people judge which of 2 risks claims more lives per year? The authors specified 4 candidate mechanisms and tested them against people's judgments in 3 risk environments. Two mechanisms, availability by recall and regressed frequency, conformed best to people's choices. The same mechanisms also accounted well for the mapping accuracy of estimates of(More)
OBJECTIVES Our aim is to provide an overview of key research findings from cognitive psychology regarding effective ways of communicating statistical information, and to point out the implications of these findings for genetic testing. METHOD We review the literature on the presentation of statistical information in diagnostic test results, discuss(More)
Viele offene Fragen bestimmen die Diskussion über BSE-Risiken. So fehlen zum Beispiel zentrale Informationen zur Übertragung der Krankheit vom Rind auf den Menschen, Technologien zur Diagnose der Infektion sind noch nicht voll entwickelt und politische Verordnungen zum Verbraucherschutz müssen sich erst noch in der Praxis bewähren. Wie bewältigen Experten(More)
How do people make decisions about legally relevant actions? In this group report we look at the demand side of legal information, the supply side of legal information, and how the law reaches its addressees through a range of real-world examples familiar to ordinary citizens. The first part of the report is concerned with the issue of how people decide to(More)
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