Stephanie K. Riès

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Alfalfa meal and chloroform extracts of the meal have increased the growth and yield of several plant species. A crystalline substance isolated from the active fraction of alfalfa meal increased the dry weight and water uptake of rice seedlings when sprayed on the foliage or applied in nutrient culture. The substance was identified as triacontanol by mass(More)
The "distractor-frequency effect" refers to the finding that high-frequency (HF) distractor words slow picture naming less than low-frequency distractors in the picture-word interference paradigm. Rival input and output accounts of this effect have been proposed. The former attributes the effect to attentional selection mechanisms operating during(More)
Colloidal dispersions of crystalline 1-triacontanol in water, upon foliar application to corn (Zea mays L.) seedlings, resulted in growth increases at femtomole dosages (spray concentrations as low as 1 nanogram per cubic decimeter). The maximum growth increase occurred at 100 nanograms per cubic decimeter; at both higher and lower concentrations lessened(More)
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