Stephanie K K Liu

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Quantitative infrared oculography was used to record saccadic eye movements of 49 patients with Graves' ophthalmopathy. Peak saccadic velocities were decreased in those patients who developed or presented with optic neuropathy. This effect was more pronounced for larger eye movements. Peak saccadic velocity also decreased as total extraocular muscle volume(More)
Eye movements of two patients with Duane's retraction syndrome (type 1) were recorded using high-resolution infrared oculography. Slowed hypometric abduction was found. The dynamics of adducting saccades in the affected hypometric eye were normal, suggesting an absence of functional cocontraction of the medial and lateral rectus muscles. Therefore,(More)
INTRODUCTION Studies have shown that early surgery reduces hospital and 1-year mortality in elderly patients with hip fracture, but no major study has examined such relationship in Hong Kong. This study aimed to explore the relationship of early surgery and mortality in a Chinese elderly population with hip fracture. METHODS This observational study(More)
OBJECTIVE To predict the stable life for a complex injection of Chinese materia medica. METHOD The prediction was carried out by initial average rate stability tests, and the contents of puerarin and danshensu (major active components of the injection) were assayed by HPLC. RESULT The degradation of puerarin followed the first order action, while(More)
BACKGROUND The severity of aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) is often assessed by the clinical state of the patient on presentation, but radiological evaluation of the extent of hemorrhage has rarely been examined in the literature. Several CT scan based grading systems exist yet only a few studies have investigated interobserver agreement. We(More)
We evaluated the association between bisphosphonate use and (1) upper gastrointestinal cancer, (2) upper endoscopy, (3) incident Barrett’s esophagus, and (4) prescription antacid initiation among Medicare beneficiaries. We found no bisphosphonate-cancer association and negative bisphosphonate-Barrett’s association. Bisphosphonates can irritate the(More)
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