Stephanie J Schneider

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This article reviews recent advances in empirically supported psychotherapeutic treatments for children and adolescents experiencing trauma and provides a brief summary of available interventions, as well as a context for their use. We highlight the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry's recent practice guidelines for trauma treatment and(More)
Electrodermal measures, psychiatric ratings (Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale, Clinical Global Impressions) and several Wechsler subtest scores were obtained for 26 hospitalized chronic schizophrenics during drug 'washout'. The psychiatric ratings and Wechsler scores were obtained again after 6 months' treatment with thiothixene or thioridazine. Results(More)
Computer conferencing has become popular as an alternative to face-to-face conferencing in many kinds of organizations. Since users can participate at any time, from any terminal, computer conferencing makes communication very convenient, though many find the medium to be impersonal. This paper discusses the potential of computer conferencing to increase(More)
Data from a smoking cessation program were analyzed to identify the variables that best predicted posttreatment abstinence. Nonsmoking immediately following treatment was predicted by lower daily pretreatment intake of nicotine and total particulate matter (TPM), as well as higher score on the "handling" scale of the "Why Do You Smoke" scale. Abstinence at(More)
Collected data for 348 veterans who had been patients at a psychiatric hospital: MMPI results, number of days of hospitalization already past when the MMPI was taken, length of the entire hospitalization during which the MMPI was taken are amount of disability payment at the time of the MMPI, and number of hospitalizations to date. The amount of disability(More)
This study was conducted to investigate the relationship between the indicators of psychiatric disorders of individuals and their choice of either cocaine or heroin, drugs that differ markedly in their pharmacological effects. Cocaine acts as an intense stimulant, and heroin has profound sedative effects. This investigation examined the relationship between(More)
The Worldwide Survey of Health Related Behaviors is administered periodically to a probability sample of military personnel. Earlier reports of these surveys suggested that illicit drug use was highest among the lowest ranking personnel. This paper reports a secondary analysis of the 1992 and 1995 surveys of the lowest ranking personnel. The results(More)
Smoke, a computer program written in BASIC, uses interactive direct mail to assist smokers who do not wish to attend formal face-to-face smoking cessation therapy. The effectiveness of the program was evaluated in a yearlong study. Of 1044 smokers who expressed interest in smoking treatment, only 11.2% wished to participate in formal therapy. The rest(More)