Stephanie J. Heflin

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Dark and light adaptation of retinal neurons allow our vision to operate over an enormous light intensity range. Here we report a mechanism that controls the light sensitivity and operational range of rod-driven bipolar cells that mediate dim-light vision. Our data indicate that the light responses of these cells are enhanced by sustained chloride currents(More)
Accurate quantification of retinal layer thicknesses in mice as seen on optical coherence tomography (OCT) is crucial for the study of numerous ocular and neurological diseases. However, manual segmentation is time-consuming and subjective. Previous attempts to automate this process were limited to high-quality scans from mice with no missing layers or(More)
Angle-resolved low coherence interferometry (a/LCI) is an optical technique used to measure nuclear morphology in situ. However, a/LCI is not an imaging modality and can produce ambiguous results when the measurements are not properly oriented to the tissue architecture. Here we present a 2D a/LCI system which incorporates optical coherence tomography(More)
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