Stephanie J Attarian

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Although the striatum has one of the highest densities of metabotropic glutamate receptor (mGluR) binding sites in the brain, little is known about their physiological role. In this study we characterized the contribution of mGluRs located in the ventral part of the striatum (the nucleus accumbens) to the control of extrapyramidal motor function. Activation(More)
Medical management of newborn infants often necessitates recurrent painful procedures, which may alter nociceptive pathways during a critical developmental period and adversely effect neuropsychological outcomes. To mitigate the effects of repeated painful stimuli, opioid administration for peri-procedural analgesia and ICU (intensive care unit) sedation is(More)
Minoxidil is a potent antihypertensive used as an adjunctive agent in refractory hypertension. It exerts an antihypertensive effect through two mechanisms: selective arterial vasodilation by activation of potassium channels in the vascular smooth muscle and stimulation of carotid and aortic baroreceptors, leading to downstream release of renin and(More)
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