Stephanie Howarth

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BACKGROUND Patients treated in community clinics, particularly those of minority status, may rely more heavily on primary care physicians (PCPs) for the diagnosis and management of depression. We wished to determine how PCPs in a community clinic setting initially manage patients newly diagnosed with major depression. METHODS 698 patients were screened(More)
According to the default interventionist dual-process account of reasoning, belief-based responses to reasoning tasks are based on Type 1 processes generated by default, which must be inhibited in order to produce an effortful, Type 2 output based on the validity of an argument. However, recent research has indicated that reasoning on the basis of beliefs(More)
OBJECTIVE This study compares the effectiveness of the Chinese version of the Beck Depression Inventory (CBDI) and the Chinese Depression Inventory (CDI) in screening for depression among Chinese Americans. METHOD Five hundred and three Chinese-Americans in primary care were administered the CBDI and the CDI for depression screening. The results were(More)
OBJECTIVE We examined the correlation between the basal triiodothyronine resin uptake (T3-RU) levels in depressed subjects and the response to anti-depressant treatment. METHOD We treated with fluoxetine 235 outpatients meeting DSM-IV criteria for major depression. We measured T3 resin uptake (T3-RU) levels before the onset of treatment. The 17-item(More)
In stage 1 classroom conversations between sixteen teachers and their pre-lingually deaf children were videotaped and analysed to examine both the styles used by teachers in controlling conversation and the functions pursued in dialogue. In stage 2 a sub-sample of four teachers with twenty children of known hearing losses and non-verbal intelligence was(More)
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