Stephanie H Berry

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Repeated intermittent administration of cocaine is well known to produce behavioral sensitization in male animals. The present studies explored whether intact adult female rats maintained normal estrous patterns in response to repeated IV cocaine administration and whether behavioral sensitization occurred with this route of administration. Adult female(More)
BACKGROUND Anesthesia and surgery affect thyroid function tests in humans but have not been studied in dogs. HYPOTHESIS Anesthesia and anesthesia with surgery will affect thyroid function tests in dogs. ANIMALS Fifteen euthyroid dogs. METHODS Prospective, controlled, interventional study. Dogs were assigned to one of 3 groups: control, general(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the effect of experimentally induced hypothyroidism on isoflurane (ISO) minimum alveolar concentration (MAC) in dogs. STUDY DESIGN Prospective experimental study. ANIMALS Eighteen adult female mongrel dogs, age 2-4 years and weighing 8.2-13.1 kg. METHODS Hypothyroidism was induced in nine dogs by the intravenous administration(More)
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