Stephanie Groos

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The objective was to investigate the regeneration of a transected peripheral nerve after transplantation of fragmented embryonic (E14-15) spinal cord cells which were encapsulated within a vein cavity. After 3 months transplantation, axonal regeneration was observed by staining with HE and antibody to neurofilament subtypes in six of 10 rats. In all six(More)
We have characterized a novel clathrin-binding 68-kDa epsin N-terminal homology domain (ENTH-domain) protein that we name clathrin interacting protein localized in the trans-Golgi region (Clint). It localizes predominantly to the Golgi region of epithelial cells as well as to more peripheral vesicular structures. Clint colocalizes with AP-1 and clathrin(More)
The mouse transcription factor Noto is expressed in the node and controls node morphogenesis, formation of nodal cilia and left-right asymmetry. Noto acts upstream of Foxj1, which regulates ciliogenesis in other mouse tissues. However, the significance of Foxj1 for the formation of cilia in the mouse node is unclear; in non-amniote species Foxj1 is required(More)
BACKGROUND With the use of highly mobile tools like tablet PCs in clinical settings, an effective disinfection method is a necessity. Since manufacturers do not allow cleaning methods that make use of anything but a dry fleece, other approaches have to be established to ensure patient safety and to minimize risks posed by microbiological contamination. (More)
AIM To study regional and temporal pattern of glial and neuronal reaction to induction of kaolin hydrocephalus in adult rats. Enzyme- and immunohistochemistry was performed in 20 adult rats with kaolin-hydrocephalus after 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks to glial glutamatergic transmission activity (GLDH) and neuronal nitrous oxide synthetic activity (nNOS). Also, glial(More)
The structure of the membrana limitans interna (MLI) in the region of the macula has been investigated by electron microscopy in (a) 2 enucleated human adult eyes and (b) 38 surgically removed samples associated with an epiretinal membrane (ERM). In the enucleated eye, the glia cells were vitrad bordered either by the lamina rara or, directly, by the lamina(More)
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