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Cognitive models of social anxiety suggest that fear of negative evaluation (FNE) is the central cognitive dimension underlying the disorder. The Fear of Positive Evaluation Scale (FPES; Weeks, Heimberg, & Rodebaugh, 2008) was recently developed to assess an additional cognitive dimension purported to underlie social anxiety disorder (SAD), but its(More)
Germ-line mutations of the BRCA2 gene account for the majority of families with both male and female breast cancer. However, among independently ascertained families with the same mutation, cases of male breast cancer often appear to cluster in a single family or in a particular branch of one family. This suggests that the risk of male breast cancer(More)
The effect of polymers on the bouncing behavior of droplets in a highly viscous, vertically shaken silicone oil bath was investigated in this study. Droplets of a sample liquid were carefully placed on a vibrating bath that was maintained well below the threshold of Faraday waves. The bouncing threshold of the plate acceleration depended on the acceleration(More)
Established and already commercialized energetic materials, such as those based on Ni/Al for joining, lack the adequate combination of high energy density and ductile reaction products. To join components, this combination is required for mechanically reliable bonds. In addition to the improvement of existing technologies, expansion into new fields of(More)
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