Stephanie Frazier

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Preconception counseling offers couples contemplating pregnancy the opportunity to identify and reduce potential pregnancy risks, plan care for known risks, and establish early prenatal care. The goal of preconception counseling is to promote physically and emotionally healthy parents in an attempt to ensure optimal prenatal, intrapartum, and postpartum(More)
Regulatory long non-coding RNAs have been emerged as a major contribution of cognitive evolution in mammalian central nervous system and brain tissues. Though proteins have relatively conserved during evolution, the lncRNAs have evolved rapidly to cope with essential and widespread cellular regulation, partly by directing generic protein function. Long(More)
The detection of external and internal parasites in laboratory mice is a particularly problematic aspect of animal health evaluation. Because these organisms must be detected by direct examination of the feces or hair coat, low-level infestation or sporadic shedding can make them difficult to detect, thereby undermining confidence that negative reports are(More)
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