Stephanie Everett

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Two research projects are described that explore the use of spoken natural language interfaces to virtual reality (VR) systems. Both projects combine off-the-shelf speech recognition and synthesis technology with in-house command interpreters that interface to the VR applications. Details about the interpreters and other technical aspects of the projects(More)
Previous studies have provided evidence of multi-level mental representations of language-conveyed spatial (scenic) information. However, the available evidence is largely inconclusive with regard to the structure of these mental representations. A laboratory experiment assesses computer-assisted problem-solving performance abilities when language-conveyed(More)
We describe our experiences building spoken language interfaces to four demonstration applications all involving 2or 3-D spatial displays or gestural interactions: an air combat command and control simulation, an immersive VR tactical scenario viewer, a map-based air strike simulation tool with cartographic database, and a speech/gesture controller for(More)
The addition of speech recognition capabilities would seem to be a logical and desirable extension to a keyboard-entry natural language understanding interface. However, because of the limitations of some speech recognition technologies this addition can affect the structure and flexibility of the interface. This paper discusses the consequences and(More)
Stephanie S. Everett, Kenneth Wauchope Navy Ctr . for Appl ied Resea rch in AI Naval Resea rch L a b o r a t o r y W a s h i n g t o n , DC 20375, USA e v e r e t t I w a u c h o p e © a i c , n r l . n a v y . m i l Manuel A. P f i r e z Dept . E lec t r ica l & C o m p u t e r Eng inee r ing Rec in to Unive r s i t a r io de Mayaguez , U P R Mayaguez , P(More)
The Geospatial Information DataBase (GIDBTM) developed by the DMAP (Digital Mapping, Charting & Geodesy Analysis Program) group at the Naval Research Laboratory’s Stennis (Mississippi) Space Center facility is a Geographic Information System that provides networked, GUI-based query and display of geospatial data accessed from a variety of servers via an(More)