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Transnational Christian Charity: The Canadian Council of Churches, the World Council of Churches, and the Hungarian Refugee Crisis, 1956–1957
Canada's response to the 1956-1957 Hungarian refugee crisis has generally been treated by scholars as a highpoint in Canadian immigration history. In late October 1956, pro-democracy, anti-SovietExpand
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The Long, Wet Summer of 1942: The Ontario Farm Service Force, Small-Town Ontario and the Nisei
ABSTRACT/RESUME This paper explores how the notion of the "other" is constructed during wartime by analyzing the dispersal of Canada's west coast Japanese-Canadian population to points further east,Expand
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‘We are not asking you to open wide the gates for Chinese immigration’: The Committee for the Repeal of the Chinese Immigration Act and Early Human Rights Activism in Canada
The Chinese Immigration Act was initially welcomed by many Canadians, especially those on the West Coast, and including labour groups, religious organizations, and federal and provincial politicians.Expand
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Taverns, Colonial Diversity, and the “Material Settings of Public Life” in Upper Canada
The concepts of public and private remain central to much current historical analysis. Recent writing has transcended the older private/public dichotomy to trace the mutability and ambiguity of theseExpand
Intruding into the Bedrooms of the Nation
The Importance of Being Monogamous is one of those books thatmake youwonderwhy its subject has not been the focus of a major study until now since monogamous marriage has been such an intricate partExpand
Bringing China In: The New Democratic Party, China, and Multilateralism, 1949-68
This article explores the history of Canadian foreign relations with China via the perspective of F. Andrew Brewin, a longtime New Democratic Party (NDP) politician. Brewin was an ardent champion ofExpand
Writing Rights into the "New" Political History
The “new political history” can be enhanced and expanded with a focus on human rights. While the “old political history” was often politics abstracted from other elements of the historical experien...