Stephanie Christiane Voetz

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PURPOSE To compare lid-induced changes in corneal optics following reading, microscopy and computer work. METHODS Nine subjects with normal ocular health were recruited for the study. Five subjects were myopic, two were emmetropic, one was astigmatic and one was hyperopic. Corneal topography was measured before and after 60 mins of reading a novel,(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this article is to investigate the magnitude of lid-induced corneal topography changes as a function of time spent reading and the subsequent time course of regression of these changes. METHODS Six young subjects, five myopes and one emmetrope with normal ocular health, participated in the study. Corneal topography of one eye was(More)
PURPOSE To investigate corneal changes after wearing cosmetic tinted contact lens and the recovery of corneal topography. METHODS Seven subjects took part in the study. Three cosmetic tinted lens types and one control soft contact lens were investigated (Crazy Lens, WildEyes, FreshLook, and SofLens Comfort). Lenses were worn for 1 hour. Corneal topography(More)
The removal of rigid contact lenses from the eye, using the eyelids, is a relatively simple procedure. However, there is a sequence of biomechanical events underlying this procedure which are not well understood. By using high-speed videokeratoscopy (50 Hz), we have shown that during the lid-pull procedure the cornea typically shows a significant increase(More)
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