Stephanie Bertels

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As sustainability becomes more mainstream, companies face increasing demands to address environmental and social factors as part of their daily operations. The result is that companies need to attend to an ever increasing set of regulations that vary by jurisdiction and often overlap along with demands for more transparency and reporting on how they are(More)
We explore the relationship between corporate sustainability, reputation, and firm value by asking whether membership on a recognized sustainability index is value generating. Increasingly, stakeholders are demanding that firms demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. One signal that companies can send to stakeholders to indicate that they are(More)
Management research often bears little resemblance to management practice. Although this research– practice gap is widely recognized and frequently lamented, there is little discussion about how it can be bridged. We partly remedy this problem in this paper by describing our experiences with the Network for Business Sustainability. Our experiences showed(More)
While there is increasing agreement that business needs to embrace sustainability, research in the management field on sustainable development theory still provides only limited guidance for how this should be done. In an effort to apply theory to practice; we set out to complete a strategic sustainability analysis in a Western Canadian natural gas utility(More)
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