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This paper examines two- to five-year-old children's knowledge of inversion in English yes/no questions through a new experimental study. It challenges the view that the syntax for inversion develops slowly in child English and tests the hypothesis that grammatical competence for inversion is present from the earliest testable ages of the child's sentence(More)
Child development researchers often discuss a "two-word" stage during language acquisition. However, there is still debate over whether the existence of this stage reflects primarily cognitive or linguistic constraints. Analyses of longitudinal data from two Deaf children, Mei and Cal, not exposed to an accessible first language (American Sign Language -(More)
1. Introduction and overview Do children build (overt) morphology based on initial syntactic knowledge or does the acquisition of (overt) morphology determine, to some degree, the acquisition of syntax? In the present paper we investigate this question with regard to the acquisition of verbal morpho-syntax. Previous studies reflect a yet unresolved debate(More)
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