Stephanie B C Bailey

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Whole bone strength can be partitioned into structural and material components. In three-point bending tests of 6-month-old female humeri from the HcB/Dem recombinant congenic series, strains HcB/8 and HcB/23 differed markedly in calculated failure stress but not ash percentage. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopic imaging was used to determine whether(More)
Hepatitis A and B vaccinations can and should be integrated into public health settings that serve adults at high risk for infection (e.g., sexually transmitted disease and/or human immunodeficiency virus clinics, criminal justice settings), and a policy of universal immunization may be the best way to accomplish this goal in these settings. Although(More)
BACKGROUND The changes in the US health care system during the last decade may have altered the access to and quality of syphilis patient care and syphilis patient data collection. GOAL To identify potential opportunities to enhance syphilis surveillance system. DESIGN 1994-1998 TennCare utilization data regarding primary and secondary syphilis patients(More)
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