Stephanie Appleyard

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The purpose of this paper is to present short reviews the face detection techniques and to study the effect of Multifractal analysis in detecting facial features. In reviewing the existing techniques, we have compared the performance of Nilsson et al's algorithm, Haar Training implemented within Open Source Computer Vision Library (OpenCV) and Keinzle's(More)
(2016) Quality of life after bladder cancer: a prospective study comparing patient-related Outcomes after radical surgery or radical radiotherapy for bladder cancer. This document is made available in accordance with publisher policies and may differ from the published version or from the version of record. If you wish to cite this item you are advised to(More)
Using the knowledge of the regional groundwater conditions and the nature of the human activities and their possible impacts on groundwater quality provided by Sections I and II, this chapter describes the assessment of groundwater pollution potential, and illustrates the approach with two case studies. The intention of the chapter is to indicate the(More)
Agricultural activities can contaminate vulnerable aquifers with a range of pathogens and hazardous substances. The scale of their groundwater pollution potential is different from other human activities, as animal manure, agrochemicals, sewage sludge or wastewater are intentionally applied to land, often to large areas. Contaminants relevant to human(More)
This research examined the role of implicit instructions and the effect of feedback on commander trust using a combination of interviews with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and empirical investigation. System behaviour protocols were developed following a series of SME interviews. The protocols defined commander requirements of AS behaviour to implement the(More)
Management priorities for protecting groundwater will vary widely between settings. Once the pollution potential has been assessed for a given catchment (as discussed in Chapter 14), the priorities for management will depend on the public health burden this pollution is expected to cause currently and in the future. This will determine the urgency with(More)
The presence of substances in groundwater may be affected by naturally occurring processes as well as by actions directly associated with human activities. Naturally occurring processes such as decomposition of organic material in soils or leaching of mineral deposits can result in increased concentrations of several substances. Those of health concern(More)
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