Stephanie Abraham

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UNLABELLED The biology of progenitor activation in the liver is of considerable medical and scientific interest. The powerful genetic tools available for the mouse make it an ideal model system to study this complex process involving many different cell types. However, reagents for the isolation and study of distinct hepatic subpopulations have been quite(More)
We have developed a novel panel of cell-surface markers for the isolation and study of all major cell types of the human pancreas. Hybridomas were selected after subtractive immunization of Balb/C mice with intact or dissociated human islets and assessed for cell-type specificity and cell-surface reactivity by immunohistochemistry and flow cytometry.(More)
Although bone regeneration is typically a reliable process, type 2 diabetes is associated with impaired or delayed healing processes. In addition, angiogenesis, a crucial step in bone regeneration, is often altered in the diabetic state. In this study, different stages of bone regeneration were characterized in an unicortical bone defect model comparing(More)
UNLABELLED Bone regeneration is typically a reliable process without scar formation. The endocrine disease type 2 diabetes prolongs and impairs this healing process. In a previous work, we showed that angiogenesis and osteogenesis-essential steps of bone regeneration-are deteriorated, accompanied by reduced proliferation in type 2 diabetic bone(More)
Osteomyelitis is a frequent consequence of open fractures thus representing a common bone infection with subsequent alteration of bone regeneration. Impaired bone homeostasis provokes serious variations in the bone remodeling process, thereby involving multiple inflammatory cytokines to activate bone healing. Our previously established mouse model of(More)
There are not many known ways to break Tor anonymity, and they require an enormous amount of computational power. Controlling both entrance and exit nodes allows an attacker to compromise client IP with enough pattern analysis. If an .onion or public website does not use SSL, information will not be encrypted once it reaches the exit node. Tor has been(More)
Scaphoid bones have a high prevalence for non-union. Even with adequate treatment, bone regeneration may not occur in certain instances. Although this condition is well described, the molecular pathology of scaphoid non-unions is still poorly defined. In this study, gene expression of osteogenic and angiogenic growth and transcription factors as well as(More)
It is assumed that the activity of osteoblasts and osteoclasts is decreased in bone tissue of aged individuals. However, detailed investigation of the molecular signature of human bone from young compared to aged individuals confirming this assumption is lacking. In this study, quantitative expression analysis of genes related to osteogenesis and(More)
introduCtion: The healing capacity of bone can be substantially reduced by metabolic diseases such as diabetes mellitus. Apart from an epidemiological component of metabolic diseases the present poor therapy of diabetic associated bone healing deficiencies demands adequate new treatment options. In previous studies we were able to show a massive impairment(More)
INTRODUCTION Bone infections after trauma, i.e. posttraumatic osteomyelitis, pose one of the biggest problems of orthopedic surgery. Even after sufficient clinical therapy including vast debridement of infected bone and antibiotic treatment, regeneration of postinfectious bone seems to be restricted. One explanation includes the large sized defects(More)