Stephanie A. Bernard

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Primary osseous tumors of the spine are rare lesions and much less frequently encountered than metastases, multiple myeloma, and lymphoma. The interpreting radiologist must be aware of the typical radiographic appearance of the most common nonmyeloproliferative tumors of the spine because these tumors must be considered when a solitary spinal lesion is(More)
PURPOSE To validate a technique for reproducible measurement of the osteochondroma cartilage cap with computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance (MR) imaging and to reevaluate the correlation of the thickness of the cartilage cap with pathologic findings to improve noninvasive differentiation of benign osteochondromas from secondary chondrosarcomas. (More)
Substantial cost, morbidity, and mortality are associated with acute proximal femoral fracture and may be reduced through an optimized diagnostic imaging workup. Radiography represents the primary diagnostic test of choice for the evaluation of acute hip pain. In middle aged and elderly patients with negative radiographs, the evidence indicates MRI to be(More)
This ACR Appropriateness Criteria article offers imaging triage guidance for several variants of patients presenting with acute foot trauma. Patients meeting inclusion criteria for the Ottawa Rules should undergo a 3-view radiographic series. Diabetic patients with peripheral neuropathy should undergo radiography, even though they do not meet the Ottawa(More)
Female patients with Hodgkin's disease who undergo staging laparotomy frequently have oophoropexy performed to preserve both fertility and hormone production. Because of recent changes in therapy favoring systemic chemotherapy rather than total nodal irradiation for patients with stage III Hodgkin's disease, the need for oophoropexy may be less than(More)
Thirty-nine cancer patients (Ca) and 37 age-and sex-matched healthy controls (Co) evaluated 11 commercially available enteral supplements using a modified wine-tasting scale. The cancer patients were 19 males with lung cancer and 20 females with breast cancer, and their controls consisted of 17 males and 20 females, respectively. Mean evaluation scores for(More)
Three cases of rapidly reversible severe myocardial depression are described in patients with status asthmaticus. Initial echocardiograms obtained within 1 day of hospital admission revealed global left ventricular hypokinesis with ejection fractions of 11 to 34%. Follow-up echocardiograms obtained only 3 to 8 days later revealed marked improvement of left(More)
PURPOSE Adiposis dolorosa (Dercum's disease) is a condition of benign, painful subcutaneous lipomatous lesions associated with weakness, endocrine and lipid abnormalities, and mental disturbances. There is little information documenting the cross-sectional imaging findings that differentiate it from lipomatous and neoplastic soft tissue masses, or massive(More)
Acute administration of delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) (50 mg/kg) at puberty (35-40 days) significantly (P less than 0.05) reduced Ca2+ ATPase activity in hypothalamic plasma membranes but increased, although not significantly, enzyme activity in hypothalamic tissue obtained from adult mice. In contrast, testicular Ca2+ ATPase activity was increased in(More)