Stephane Talbot

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Validation has emerged as a significant problem in the development of knowledge-based systems (KBS). Verification of KBS correctness and completeness has been cited as one of the most difficult aspects of validation. A number of software tools have been developed to perform such verification, but none of these are in widespread use. One of the reasons for(More)
Observation activity, on instrumented collective learning situations, enables participants to appropriate themselves corresponding systems in their own practice. In this paper, we focus on the analysis stage of the observation process, but we underline the correlations between the different stages. We present an analysis model and a draft of trace(More)
Software for supporting students in learning in a collaborative way is very often less productive than expected. We have defined models to collect and analyse traces of learning activities in instrumented collective learning situations (ICLS). We have conducted an experiment, to test a prototype of an observation station, with students and a teacher during(More)
The regulation was introduced into groupware in order to improve the actors collaboration. In our context, the regulation means the ability given to a group or a person that manages a group. This paper describes an approach of setting up about this regulation thanks to the concept of scenario. This last makes possible to describe the practical application(More)
Supporting observation activity in a digital workspace environment is an idea that holds promise for improving groupware activity. In this paper, we focus on non-constraint equipped collective learning situations, that is to say without a given structure to the working process. We present a meta-model and an architecture of an observation station, to(More)
This paper presents a system architecture to bridge the gap between the users computing activity in collaborative platforms and the analysis of this activity which is carried out by researchers in human and social sciences. This research work tends to highlight the capacity of a computer-supported observation station, based on a theoretical model called TBS(More)
The authors research work deals with the development of new game-based learning (gbl) environments. They think that the way of acquiring knowledge during a learning session is similar to following an adventure in a role-playing game and they apply the metaphor of exploring a virtual world, where each student embarks on a quest in order to collect knowledge(More)