Stephane LoPresti

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CONTEXT Italy implemented a law in January 2005 banning smoking in all enclosed public spaces. OBJECTIVES To document perceived obstacles and effects of the law and observed client smoking behaviours in bars and restaurants. DESIGN Four surveys were conducted between December 2004 and February 2006. Protocols and questionnaires were posted on a public(More)
Trust in software services is a key prerequisite for the success and wide adoption of Services-Oriented Computing (SOC) in an open Internet world. However, trust is poorly assessed by existing methods and technologies, especially in dynamically composed and deployed SOC systems. In this paper, we discuss current methods for assessing trust in(More)
UNLABELLED Although 0.75% hyperbaric bupivacaine is commonly administered to provide spinal anesthesia for cesarean section in the United States, in some countries, only the 1% hyperbaric solution of spinal bupivacaine is available. The aim of this study was to compare 0.75% with 1% hyperbaric spinal bupivacaine for cesarean section. In this prospective(More)
OBJECTIVE To define guidelines for surveillance of growth-retarded fetuses with a computerized fetal heart rate (FHR) monitor and Doppler device. STUDY DESIGN Eighty-one growth-retarded fetuses with birth weights < 10th percentile and lacking major anomalies were studied. One hundred ninety-two tests (one to six per patient), including computerized FHR(More)
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