Stephane Laurent Bungener

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The long term optimization of a district energy system is a computation-ally demanding task due to the large number of data points representing the energy demand profiles. In order to reduce the number of data points and therefore the computational load of the optimization model, this paper presents a systematic procedure to reduce a complete data set of(More)
Steam is a key energy vector for industrial sites, used for process heating, direct injection and stripping, tracing and cogeneration of mechanical power. Steam networks transport steam from producers to consumers and across different pressure levels. The steam production equipments (boilers, cogeneration units and heat exchangers) should be dimensioned to(More)
Steam is a key energy vector for industrial sites, most commonly used for process heating and cooling, cogeneration of heat and mechanical power as a motive fluid or for stripping. Steam networks are used to carry steam from producers to consumers and between pressure levels through letdowns and steam turbines. The steam producers (boilers, heat and power(More)
The current regulatory framework in Europe regarding industrial energy consumption puts emphasis on regular energy assessments and increasing energy efficiency. Among the available strategies to identify energy savings opportunities, Total Site Analysis (TSA) can be a powerful method to generate utility savings in industrial sites or clusters, targeting for(More)
What if it's a big hoax and we create a better world for nothing ? — Joel Pett Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement. Acknowledgements This work brings to an end more than a decade spent at EPFL. There are many people whom I would like to thank for accompanying me on this journey, know you are in my heart. Ce travail(More)
Key performance indicators in engineering problems include but are not limited to financial, operational, management and environmental factors, which are significantly affected by aspects such as seasonality, fouling, economic climate, production rates, supply and demand. The search for an optimal solution to a problem must take into consideration this(More)
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