Stephane Guillet

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This paper addresses the designers’ work and in particular the way they express an object shape through character lines. Based on this concept, a deformation feature is presented. The proposed approach includes curvilinear constraints to match the designer’s requirements and techniques for the quality and accuracy of the produced model This method is(More)
Different methods for free-form surface deformation have been developed in the last years to overcome difficulties in direct manipulation of surfaces. Even if these approaches are real improvements in the design workflow, they are still far from the stylists' requirements whose main target is the aesthetic shape. Feature-based approaches have been(More)
A new approach is described which provides deformation methods for multi-patch tensor based free-form surfaces. The surface deformation generated is controlled by global geometric constraints. For example, the objective can be to deform a free-form surface until it becomes tangent to a pre-defined plane at a given point. This point can be fixed or free to(More)
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