Stephane Guerrier

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PURPOSE Pigment epithelium-derived factor (PEDF) is a multifunctional serpin. The purpose of this study is to identify PEDF protein forms and investigate their biological activities on tumor cell lines. METHODS Recombinant human PEDF proteins were purified by cation- and anion-exchange column chromatography. They were subjected to SDS-PAGE, IEF,(More)
In this article, we investigate two different algorithms for the integration of GPS with redundant MEMS-IMUs. Firstly, the inertial measurements are combined in the observation space to generate a synthetic set of data which is then integrated with GPS by the standard algorithms. In the second approach, the method of strapdown navigation needs to be adapted(More)
This research studies the reduction and the estimation of the noise level within a redundant configuration of low-cost (MEMS-type) inertial measurement units (IMUs). Firstly, independent observations between units and sensors are assumed and the theoretical decrease in the system noise level is analyzed in an experiment with four MEMS-IMU triads. Then, more(More)
This research presents methods for detecting and isolating faults in multiple MEMS-IMU configurations. First, geometric configurations with n sensor triads are investigated. It is proofed that the relative orientation between sensor triads is irrelevant to system optimality in the absence of failures. Then, the impact of sensor failure or decreased(More)
Wavelet-Variance-Based Estimation for Composite Stochastic Processes Stéphane Guerrier a , Jan Skaloud b , Yannick Stebler b & Maria-Pia Victoria-Feser c a Research Center for Statistics, HEC Genève , University of Geneva , Geneva , Switzerland b Geodetic Engineering Laboratory , Swiss Federal Institute of Technology , Lausanne , Switzerland c Research(More)
This letter formally proves the statistical inconsistency of the Allan variance-based estimation of latent (composite) model parameters. This issue has not been sufficiently investigated and highlighted since it is a technique that is still being widely used in practice, especially within the engineering domain. Indeed, among others, this method is(More)