Stephane Clauss

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We present the case of a preterm birth in the 27 (th) week of gestation, probably due to a chorionamnionitis, with the coincidental finding of a STUMP (smooth muscle tumour of uncertain malignant potential). The STUMP is a rare tumour entity characterised by smooth muscle cells which is difficult to classify by means of histology. The WHO classification of(More)
513 adolescent females attending a family planning center administered by the French Movement for Family Planning in Strasburg completed anonymous questionnaires between December 1984-June 1985 to identify the sociological and clinical characteristics of the clinic users. About 80% were 16-19 years old. 314 came unaccompanied to the center, 149 came with(More)
The results of a survey on contraception among 513 adolescent women attending a family planning clinic in Strasbourg, France, in 1985 are presented. "Eighty percent of them were attending school. In over half the cases, this was their first consultation for contraceptive advice. 33% of the subjects did not return after this initial consultation. The age(More)
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