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Edge Powered Industrial Control: Concept for Combining Cloud and Automation Technologies
This paper depicts a platform concept, which combines cloud computing and industrial control using edge devices realized for an automation cell. Expand
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Cognition-Enhanced, Self-optimizing Production Networks
This research area focuses on the management systems and principles of a production system. It aims at controlling the complex interplay of heterogeneous processes in a highly dynamic environment,Expand
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Concept for Automated Robot Programming Using Image Processing
A modular architecture for offline robot programming based on position measurement via image processing, robot path simulation and a novel concept for data management using asset administration shells for standardized data access and exchange. Expand
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An Industry 4.0 Engineering Workflow Approach: From Product Catalogs to Product Instances
This paper depicts an integrative concept to utilize Industry 4.0 components in the engineering process, allowing an extension of data consistency from manufacturers product descriptions over engineering tools to the product life cycle. Expand
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Multi-Level Modeling Framework for Machine as a Service Applications Based on Product Process Resource Models
We propose a generic and extensible multi-level and modular modeling framework based on meta-models and a comprehensive formalization. Expand
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Bio-inspired control of automated stem cell production
Automated stem cell production with mixed-initiative production control using reinforcement learning . Expand
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Flexible and Lightweight Framework for Active Industrial Asset Administration Shells
The increasing complexity and heterogeneity of Internet of Things-based production processes require the development of new control paradigms. Expand
Dental device having transfer tray
The invention relates to a dental device (7) with transfer tray (13), said dental device (7) and the transfer tray are prepared in an additive manufacturing process so that they are coupled by aExpand
Simulation Framework for Virtual Robot Programming in Reconfigurable Production Systems
We present a modular framework for automated robot path simulation and virtual robot programming in reconfigurable production systems, based on service oriented architectures and modularization. Expand