Stephan Walter

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OBJECTIVES To assess the role of frailty in predicting death and incident disability in older adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus. DESIGN Prospective cohort study. SETTING Community dwelling. PARTICIPANTS A total of 1825 individuals ≥65 years old recruited between June 2006 and September 2009 were followed for a median of 5.5 years for mortality and(More)
Methodological issues concerning the design and the development of TEMIS, a syntactically and semantically annotated corpus of Italian legislative texts, are presented and discussed in the paper. TEMIS is a heterogeneous collection of texts exemplifying different sub–varieties of Italian legal language, i.e. European, national and local texts. The whole(More)
This paper discusses the use of computational linguistic technology to extract definitions from a large corpus of German court decisions. We present a corpus-based survey of definition structures used in this kind of text. We then evaluate the results of a definition extraction system that uses patterns identified in this survey to extract from dependency(More)
This paper discusses experiences from supplementing the Computational Linguistics (CL) curriculum at five German universities with distance education in the form of a network of online courses. The courses were developed and taught within the Germany-wide joint project MiLCA (Medienintensive Lehrmodule in der Computerlinguistik-Ausbildung, media-intensive(More)
This research explains the melt spinning of bicomponent fibers, consisting of a conductive polypropylene (PP) core and a piezoelectric sheath (polyvinylidene fluoride). Previously analyzed piezoelectric capabilities of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) are to be exploited in sensor filaments. The PP compound contains a 10 wt % carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and 2 wt(More)
Complexity of hardware/software systems is continuously increasing. Formal specification is a methodology to ensure better quality of system specifications and to allow automated verification with tools like model checkers. Many formal specification approaches are known - ranging from programming languages to graphical specification tools. Each approach has(More)
The most central fact about natural language is that it has meaning. Semantics is the study of meaning. In formal semantics, we conduct this study in a formal manner. In computational semantics, we’re additionally interested in using the results of our study when we implement programs that process natural language. In this course, we show how formal(More)