Stephan Traut

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The chloro-bridged interpnictogen compounds [tBu₂PhSiE{BiClCH(SiMe₃)₂}₂] (E = P (4), As (5)) can be synthesized by the reaction of [tBu₂PhSiELi₂] (E = P (2), As (3)) with (Me₃Si)₂CHBiCl₂ in a molar ratio of 1 : 2. The reaction of iPr₃SiAs(SiMe₃)₂ with (Me₃Si)₂CHBiCl₂ yields the analogous compound [iPr₃SiAs{BiClCH(SiMe₃)₂}₂] (6) as well as the diarsine(More)
The miscellaneously substituted silyltellanes tBu(2)PhSiTeSiMe(3) (1) and (Me(3)Si)(3)SiTeSiMe(3) were used to synthesize the cyclic tin(II) and lead(II) tellurolates [(tBu(2)PhSiTe)(4)M(2)] (M = Sn (2), Pb (3)), [tBu(2)PhSiTePbC(SiMe(3))(3)](2) (4) and the uncommon cluster compound [{(Me(3)Si)(3)SiTe}(4)Te(2)Sn(4)] (5).
The first structurally characterised lead(II) antimony compound with a chemical bond between lead and antimony, [Pb(4)(SbSiiPr(3))(6)] (3), was obtained by the reaction of iPr(3)SiSb-(SiMe(3))(2) with PbCl(2) in Et(2)O at 0 degrees C. The Pb(4)Sb(6) cage structure can be described as a Pb(4)Sb(4) heterocube where two SbSiiPr(3) edges are replaced by(More)
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