Stephan Teyssen

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The present review summarizes the clinically relevant effects of acute and chronic alcohol consumption on motility, mucosal inflammation and cancer of the esophagus and the stomach. Alcohol consumption results in a significant increase in the morbidity of these two organs, the most important probably being the significant increase in the development of(More)
tonicity in the GI tract. Aims: To determine whether Botox injection of the pylorus produces symptomatic improvement in patients with gastroparesis refractory to standard medical therapy, and determine whether therapy alters gastric emptying and pyloric function. Methods: 5 Pts. (4F:1M; mean age 5 40.6 yrs 6 4) were enrolled in this open label trial. Mean(More)
This chapter deals with the most clinically relevant alcohol-related diseases of the oesophagus and stomach. Despite the early findings of W. Beaumont 170 years ago that excessive drinking is associated with gastric bleeding, systematic studies on the action of alcohol and alcoholic beverages on the function of the stomach have only been performed in the(More)
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