Stephan Sylvest Keller

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In the last years a large variety of drug delivery systems have been developed to improve bioavailability of therapeutics in oral administration. An increasing interest has arisen in reservoir-based microdevices designed for active ingredients like water insoluble compounds and fragile biomolecules. Such microdevices are designed to protect the active(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate whether the physical stability of amorphous indomethacin can be improved by separating the drug material into small units by the use of microcontainers. Crystallisation from the spatially confined amorphous indomethacin in the microcontainers was determined and compared with the crystallisation kinetics of amorphous(More)
Microwells fabricated from poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) were evaluated for their application as an oral drug delivery system using the amorphous sodium salt of furosemide (ASSF) as a model drug. Hot embossing of PLLA resulted in fabrication of microwells with an inner diameter of 240 μm and a height of 100 μm. The microwells were filled with ASSF using a(More)
Microcontainers with an inner diameter of 223 μm are fabricated using the polymer SU-8, and evaluated in vitro, in situ and in vivo for their application as an advanced oral drug delivery system for the poorly water soluble drug furosemide. An amorphous sodium salt of furosemide (ASSF) is filled into the microcontainers followed by applying a lid using(More)
Here, we present the activities within our research group over the last five yearswith cantilevers fabricated in the polymer SU-8. We believe that SU-8 is an interestingpolymer for fabrication of cantilevers for bio/chemical sensing due to its simple processingand low Young's modulus. We show examples of different integrated read-out methodsand their(More)
In this work we have performed a detailed study of the influence of various parameters on spray coating of polymer films. Our aim is to produce polymer films of uniform thickness (500 nm to 1 μm) and low roughness compared to the film thickness. The coatings are characterized with respect to thickness, roughness (profilometer), and morphology (optical(More)
Sensors are crucial in many daily operations including security, environmental control, human diagnostics and patient monitoring. Screening and online monitoring require reliable and high-throughput sensing. We report on the demonstration of a high-throughput label-free sensor platform utilizing cantilever based sensors. These sensors have often been(More)
Amorphous indomethacin was prepared by melting the γ-form of indomethacin, spatially confined within microcontainers (inner diameter of 223 μm), followed by cooling of the melt at a rate of 14, 23 or 36 K/min. The physical stability of the amorphous indomethacin within microcontainers was investigated using Raman microscopy. Furthermore, the dissolution(More)