Stephan Stanko

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The increasing interest in the security of public spaces leads to a demand for sensor technology beyond metal detectors. Two different approaches of concealed weapon detection using millimeter wave systems are presented in this paper. The design of a passive radiometric sensor in the W-band is presented. On the active side, an FMCW radar system at 94 GHz is(More)
We describe the technological concept and the first–light results of a 1024-channel spectrometer based on field programmable gate array (FPGA) hardware. This spectrometer is the prototype for the seven beam L-band receiver to be installed at the Effelsberg 100-m telescope in autumn 2005. Using “of-the-shelf” hardware and software products, we designed and(More)
The presented FMCW radar system, operating at 300 GHz, using an ultra-wide bandwidth of 44.41 GHz. Due to the relatively high output power of 4 dBm and the receiver noise figure of 15 dB, a high dynamic range can be achieved. One-dimensional single target measurements demonstrate a flat frequency response in the full bandwidth and a good range resolution of(More)
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