Stephan Schweitzer

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Incompletely defined programs provide an elegant and easy way to write and to reason about programs which may halt with a run time error by throwing an exception or printing an error message, e.g. when attempting to divide by zero. Due to the presence of stuck computations, which arise when calling incompletely defined procedures with invalid arguments, we(More)
We report on a university course on computer-aided program verification using the ✓eriFun system. Requirements for a system to be used in a verification course are discussed, and a sketch of our system is given. We illustrate the problems presented to the students, starting with simple sorting algorithms and finally verifying the unsolvability of the(More)
eriFun is a semi-automated system for the verification of functional programs. It has been used so far in an industrial IT-security project concerned with electronic payment in public networks as well as for teaching semantics and verification in university courses both at the undergraduate and at the graduate level. On the development it has been attempted(More)
We consider the machine-supported verification of a code generator computing machine code from WHILE-programs, i.e. abstract syntax trees which may be obtained by a parser from programs of an imperative programming language. We motivate the representation of states developed for the verification, which is crucial for success, as the interpretation of(More)
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