Stephan Scheele

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This work explores some aspects of a new and natural semantical dimension that can be accommodated within the syntax of description logics which opens up when passing from the classical truth-value interpretation to a constructive interpretation. We argue that such a strengthened interpretation is essential to represent applications with partial information(More)
This paper proposes an approach to use constructive description logics as a typing system for streaming data in the domain of auditing. We introduce the constructive description logic cALC and show how it can serve as a semantic type system and knowledge representation formalism for data streams and give a direct interpretation of proofs as computations(More)
The complexity of the subsumption problem in description logics can vary widely with the choice of the syntactic fragment and the semantic interpretation. In this paper we show that the constructive semantics of concept descriptions, which includes the classical descriptive semantics as a special case, offers exponential speed-up in the(More)
Explaining Subsumption and Unsatisfiability Our approach follows the idea of adapting a tableaux algorithm for explaining subsumption and unsatisfiability as suggested in [1, 4]. The explanation follows the proof and uses the structure of a tableaux tree for the production of natural-language explanations. Our method covers the DL SHIN including GCIs. We(More)
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