Stephan Saikali

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BACKGROUND Changes in promoter DNA methylation pattern of genes involved in key biological pathways have been reported in glioblastoma. Genome-wide assessments of DNA methylation levels are now required to decipher the epigenetic events involved in the aggressive phenotype of glioblastoma, and to guide new treatment strategies. RESULTS We performed a(More)
Brain tumors' treatment and prognosis depend to a large extent on their grades. Grading tumors follows a set of rules that refers to domain knowledge. Developing an automatic grading system requires explicit and formal representation of the domain. The NCI Thesaurus is the major ontological resource in the cancer domain. However, the description of brain(More)
BACKGROUND Recent studies have highlighted the heterogeneity of gliomas and demonstrated that molecular and genetic analysis could help in their classification and in the design of treatment protocols. In a previous study we have identified a 4-gene signature highly correlated with survival of glioma patients. The aim of this study is to confirm and extend(More)
BACKGROUND Intraoperative consultations in neuropathology are often assessed by smear preparations rather than by frozen sections. Both techniques are standard practice for light microscopic examination on site, but there is little data comparing these techniques in a telepathology setting. METHODS Thirty cases of brain tumours submitted for(More)
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