Stephan Rhode

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We introduce a recursive generalized total least-squares (RGTLS) algorithm with exponential forgetting that is used for estimation of vehicle driving resistance parameters. A vehicle longitudinal dynamics model and available control area network (CAN) signals form appropriate estimator inputs and outputs. In particular, we present parameter estimates for(More)
We propose a recursive generalized total least-squares (RGTLS) estimator that is used in parallel with a noise covariance estimator (NCE) to solve the errors-in-variables problem for multi-input-single-output linear systems with unknown noise covariance matrix. Simulation experiments show that the suggested RGTLS with NCE procedure outperforms the common(More)
We introduce an incremental total least-squares vehicle mass estimation algorithm, based on a vehicle longitudinal dynamics model. Available control area network signals are used as model inputs and output. In contrast to common vehicle mass estimation schemes, where noise is only considered at the model output, our algorithm uses an errors-in-variables(More)
Vehicle control systems need to prognosticate future vehicle states in order to improve energy efficiency. This paper compares four approaches that are used to identify the parameters of a longitudinal vehicle dynamics model used for the prediction of vehicle tractive forces. All of the identification approaches build on a standard Kalman filter.(More)
BACKGROUND In recent years, intra arterial chemotherapy has become an important component in head and neck cancer treatment. However, therapy success can vary significantly and consistent treatment guidelines are missing. The purpose of this study was to create a computer simulation of the chemical agent injection in the head and neck arteries to(More)
A robust method to estimate tire forces for a passenger vehicle with the Unscented Kalman Filter (UKF) is provided. Only standard vehicle sensors were used and no a priori knowledge of tire and road properties was required. The estimator uses the bicycle model and a random walk tire force model. The tire force estimates were compared to a CarSim reference(More)
We show that the generalized total least squares (GTLS) problem with a singular noise covariance matrix is equivalent to the restricted total least squares (RTLS) problem and propose a recursive method for its numerical solution. The method is based on the generalized inverse iteration. The estimation error covariance matrix and the estimated augmented(More)
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