Stephan Remmert

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BACKGROUND The infrahyoid muscles (IHM) are very useful as a neurovascular myofascial flap in plastic reconstructive surgery of the upper aerodigestive tract, especially for restoration of the muscular component in larger tongue defects. As a base for further postoperative investigations on the function of transferred IHM this first part of the study(More)
Objective hearing threshold estimation by auditory steady-state responses (ASSR) can be accelerated by the use of narrow-band chirps and adaptive stimulus patterns. This modification has been examined in only a few clinical studies. In this study, clinical data is validated and extended, and the applicability of the method in audiological diagnostics(More)
UNLABELLED In recent years, the infrahyoid muscles (IHM) have been used by plastic reconstructive surgeons as a neurovascular muscle flap in the neck and mouth region. METHODS A preoperative electromyographic examination (EMG) of the IHM was performed in 10 patients, of whom 9 suffered from tongue cancer, in order to detect neurogenic lesions caused by(More)
In most cases, abscesses are formed otogenically or rhinogenically. The clinical symptoms may be uncharacteristic. The diagnosis is made by employing nuclear-medical and angiographic procedures. In 40 patients suspected of having a cerebral abscess, transfemoral cerebral angiography and in 14 cases gammaencephalography or cerebral scintigraphy was carried(More)
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