Stephan Radler

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We studied the activity and movements of a male and a female wolf during breeding in the Bieszczady Mountains, Poland. The female was less active and mobile and on average closer to the den than the male. The male was less active and mobile when the pack size was seven compared to a year when the pack consisted only of the breeding pair. We conclude that(More)
The preparative separation of dimetindene (CAS 5636-83-9) enantiomers was achieved by fractionated crystallization of the diastereomeric tartrate salts. HPLC on alpha-AGP (alpha 1-acid glycoprotein) was used for confirmation of the enantiomeric purity. After administration of the enantiomers to rats the AUC and Cmax of S(+) dimetindene and(More)
A sensitive high-performance liquid chromatographic determination of dimethindene and its metabolite N-demethyldimethindene in urine has been developed. The quantitative analysis was followed by determination of the enantiomeric ratio of dimethindene on an alpha 1-AGP column (EnantioPac). The urinary data for nine volunteers after oral administration of(More)
Dimethindene and its metabolite N-demethyldimethindene were determined in human urine after dermal administration of dimethindene. The HPLC-method used was previously described. Data of 8 volunteers are presented. After 32 h an average of 0.023% of the administered dose of dimethindene and 0.022% of N-demethyldimethindene were excreted into urine. Since(More)
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