Stephan Pelikan

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Conservation of plants often involves isolated in situ or ex situ protective restoration or supplemental plantings. Plant preservation also frequently involves maintenance of recently fragmented populations. The effects of the spatial patterning of the initial target species individuals in such situations on future population growth and genetic diversity(More)
Tropical lowland rain forest (TLRF) biodiversity is under threat from anthropogenic factors including deforestation which creates forest fragments of different sizes that can further undergo various internal patterns of logging. Such interventions can modify previous equilibrium abundance and spatial distribution patterns of offspring recruitment and/or(More)
Efforts to sustain the earth's biodiversity will include the establishment and manipulation of isolated rescue populations, derived either via in situ fragmentation, or under ex situ circumstances. For target species, especially those with limited propagation resources, major goals of such projects include both the optimization of population size and the(More)
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