Stephan Naundorf

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BACKGROUND Gene transfer into the airways could be of importance for the treatment of chronic lung diseases such as cystic fibrosis. In the past few years several attempts have been made to effectively deliver DNA to the lung using different viral and non-viral vector systems. Viral vectors and cationic lipids have been tested intensively but the properties(More)
BACKGROUND Plasmid DNA complexed with cationic lipids (lipoplexes) or cationic polymers (polyplexes) has been used for gene transfer into the lung. Topical gene administration of lipoplexes or polyplexes into the lung after intratracheal instillation or aerosolisation could cause interaction of the complexes with extracellular substances of the airway(More)
INTRODUCTION The removal of highly viscous mucus from the airways is an important task in the treatment of chronic lung disease like in cystic fibrosis. The inhalation of recombinant human DNase- I (rhDNase-I) is used to facilitate the removal of tenacious airway secretions in different lung diseases and especially in CF. Little is known about endogenous(More)
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