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Radio transceivers for wireless sensor networks are typically cheap devices offering low bandwidth communication only. When physical events in the real world trigger spontaneous communication in many nodes the single communication channel is under heavy load and many messages are lost due to collisions. CSMA/CA schemes are well suited to spontaneous(More)
Unidirectional links are a common property of all wireless networks. In many cases, the range of these links exceeds that of bidirectional links by far. Still, most protocols ignore their existence or simply discard them. In this paper we introduce two new medium access control (MAC) protocols called MLMAC-UL and ECTS-MAC that are able to transmit data over(More)
—Experiments have shown that unidirectional links are quite common in wireless sensor networks. Still, many MAC protocols ignore their existence, even though they have a tremendous impact on the performance of both TDMA-and contention based protocols. In contention based protocols the medium may be assumed free when it is indeed busy. In TDMA based(More)
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