Stephan M. Huck

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Using survey and observational data from a sample of 451 intact families, this study used structural equation modeling to examine the intergenerational continuity of depressed mood and rejecting parenting. The model partially replicated the intergenerational model of Elder, Caspi, and Downey (1986) that indicates a cyclical transmission process by which(More)
EverCare represents a creative approach to providing medical services to long-stay nursing home patients. It offers a capitated package of Medicare-covered services with more intensive primary care provided by nurse practitioners. The program's underlying premise is that better primary care will result in reduced hospital use. This work examines the(More)
This research investigated the effects of early family experiences on the quality of the adult child-parent relationship and on the extent of instrumental and emotional support provided elderly parents by their adult children. The analysis was based on adult children's reports regarding 1,135 aging parents. Panel data were used to reduce method effects(More)
  • David Claudio, Toa Sturzenegger, +22 authors David Sturzenegger Zurich
  • 2015
Acknowledgment First and foremost, I want to thank Professor Manfred Morari for giving me the great opportunity of doing my PhD at the Automatic Control Laboratory (IfA). Professor Morari provided me with the freedom to discover my own research direction and always gave me the opportunities to learn, be it in-or outside of Switzerland. I was always(More)
This report is an overview of the research activities regarding WP06 (C4E co-design) of the FeedNetBack project. The objective of WP6 of Feed-NetBack is to propose a co-design framework, which allows the integration of control-estimation, communication, computation, complexity, and energy considerations in networked control systems. In this report we(More)
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